The Cove - A New Chapter in Leucadia's Landscape

The Cove - A New Chapter in Leucadia's Landscape

  • Sue and Gina De Legge
  • 01/19/24

A new development is on the horizon for the Leucadia community in Encinitas, as plans unfold for a new project – "The Cove." Anticipated to be one of the largest single-family developments since the inception of Encinitas Ranch in the early 2000s, this venture brings forth 42 thoughtfully designed homes, creating a distinctive addition to the local real estate landscape.

Known initially as the "La Costa 48" project, it outlines plans for the construction of 42 new single-family residences, allocating four of the lots specifically for the development of "very low income" affordable single-family homes. Nestled west of the 5 freeway, north of La Costa Blvd, and south of the Batiquitos Lagoon, the location is strategically chosen to offer a harmonious blend of tranquility and accessibility.

Behind the scenes, the mastermind steering the subdivision efforts is David Meyer of DCM Properties Inc., who orchestrated this venture on behalf of the Weston Family. The culmination of meticulous planning led to the sale of the land to Toll Brothers for a noteworthy $32 million in July 2021. Toll Brothers, recognized as the #1 homebuilder in Fortune's 2023 survey for the eighth consecutive year.

As we delve into the details, a total of 6 lots are already on the premises, 4 are vacant and 2 existing residences and those are not a part of the project (aka La Costa 48 actually being 42 homes built). The architectural diversity of The Cove is a standout feature, boasting 18 distinct home styles across 1-2 story residences ranging from 1,637 to 4,200 sq.ft.

The Citizen Participation Plan outlines a captivating array of architectural styles, from modern farmhouse to contemporary craftsman to modern/transitional. Each home is envisioned not just as a structure but as a part of a thriving community, with many residences featuring outdoor spaces for residents to bask in the charm of the coastal town.

Here's examples of Toll Brothers recent projects:


As Leucadia witnesses the unveiling of The Cove, we're eager to hear your thoughts on this transformative venture. What do you think about this groundbreaking development? We’d love to hear your comments as we embark on a new chapter in the rich tapestry of Leucadia's real estate story. Stay tuned for more updates as The Cove breaks ground or contact us for additional lesser-known insights to this project.  



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